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Exterior Paint Maintenance

Exterior maintenance is a certain eventuality in Canada. The changing seasons and temperature difference wreak havoc on exterior surfaces of all kind. Preventative maintenance and timely repairs help extend material life and keep our exteriors looking beautiful.

How It Works 
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Complimentary Consultations
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Designers & Samples 
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Premium Paintwork
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Time To Enjoy 

Schedule a call or site visit with 1 of our reps. We discuss details, colours , scheduling & project pricing, 

Are you looking for a professional designer to help you pick colours for you home ? Our professional 3rd Party Designers can help. Starting at $200 per session with a licensed designer. (Optional)

Receive a beautiful finish by our master painters. Brush, Roll or spray, your new space awaits. Top quality paints such as Benjamin Moore used on every project.

Its now time to sit down and enjoy the transformation. 

Exterior Preparation That Lasts

Intensive & thoughtful preparation is required for all surfaces exposed to the elements. Top quality non-shrinking fillers hold out against weathering longer & resist cracking. Adequate sanding and correct primer choice is critical for great adhesion & final finish. Top rated products from Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams resist the elements by resisting UV rays and expanding & contracting with their respective surfaces. Investing in a good exterior topcoat can increase your expected lifespan up to 2x  


Exterior Stain Work

Decks, Doors, Fences ,Pergolas
& More

Exterior wood elements add lot of character and depth to the exterior design of a home or business. Preserving the exterior elements is a great way to show natural beauty on your home or business. Using cleaners & brighteners along with Intensive preparation and a careful selection of products will ensure that your project stays beautiful for longer, despite the weather. Our canadian winters are hard on the elements so we partner with top quality stain manufacturers such as Goudeyes & Sikkens for our product


Masonry & Brick Painting

Painting brick & masonry can be more than functional. It can be aesthetic too ! Filling in mortar spaces and applying high strength industrial style caulking can seal those gaps and prevent any further brick deterioration - while doing it with a splash of colour. Our specially designed products protect from Wind-driven rain, Uv Rays, snow & ice and many more external factors year round. Using a tested system will ensure that what needs to be protected, stays protected. Our partners at ROMABIO have created an exceptional series of product that will change purposefully over time and develop a unique patina. Absolutely gorgeous.

Exterior Paint Work

Bring back beauty to your home by using top quality product and colours . Canadians are very familiar with exterior paint maintenance. Intensive preparation with a combination of tested fillers and sealers are needed to ensure that we can get a maximum benefit. Power sanding machines and fine hand sanding techniques ensure that we can prepare any surface as required. Using exterior graded products that stretch and contract in our seasons are paramount to getting a project that last many years to come .


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Solutions - Get a SHOWROOM in your own Garage ! Thinking of leveling up your garage? You are looking at the right service. Garage floor coatings vary, but Epoxy & Polyaspartic coatings are at the leading edge of aesthetics & performance. Garage floors take a beating in the summer from hot tires & salt/oil in the winter. By applying our extremely durable, self leveling coatings, it transforms it into a low maintenance piece of art. Add multi color flakes and sparkles to give it an extra pop These coatings provide unmatched protection from staining and harsh chemicals such as salt, motor oil and debris. Sealing down your concrete and preventing unsightly chipping and hairline cracks prevents the deterioration of your floor. Clients have many coating options based on their needs with an almost unlimited colour selection. From a basic gray to a multi-colour showroom, options are near endless. Epoxy Client Checklist : Want an easy to maintain floor Want to eliminate stains and tire marks Want to create a beautiful space

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Let Us Help Beautify Your Home

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